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What goes into making a great eBook reading experience?

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eBooks Offer Many Advantages for New Writers
How We Charge Differently
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A Brief Word on Manuscript Formatting

Here at TenthSphere Collections we believe that reading an eBook should be as organic as sitting in a café on a warm sunny afternoon enjoying a nice cappuccino like you were in a Hemingway novel!


Or, if you’re a hardcore book reader, you’ll want to be able to lie in bed next to your beloved and while they sleep, exploring the dangerous and wondrous world of Westeros, battling a giant squid in the world’s most famous steampunk submarine, or rescuing A Princess of Mars—all without disturbing your spouse/significant other because your eBook now has soft white letters against a black background with the brightness turned down just low enough for you to read comfortably.


An eBook reading experience is also interactive. From your reader you can easily do any of the following things:

  • define a word you’ve never seen before
  • go back an forth to previously designated sections of the book instantly
  • zoom in and out on a fantasy book’s map
  • click live hyperlinks that take you all over the Internet for more info
  • watch an embedded video or other media right from the eBook
  • and so much more!


eBooks are the future of reading that even the earliest of sci-fi serials and shows like Flash Gordon or The Jetsons predicted.


However, eBooks are not meant to supplant beautifully bound printed books entirely. No. There’s nothing like receiving a first edition hardcover book from your favorite author. But as an author yourself, you have to also face the realities that the way of the present and future is eBooks—especially when you are trying to establish your digital platform.

eBooks Offer Many Advantages for New Writers

Compared to printed editions, volumes, or copies, when you convert your book to an eBook, a whole new digital world of possibilities opens up for you from: marketing your books digitally, promoting yourself as a new upcoming author, getting paid a heck of lot more in deserved royalties, to many more!


The following list only scratches the surface of what eBooks can do for your burgeoning writing enterprise:

  • aside from initial conversion and production costs, maintaining an inventory of eBooks cost virtually nothing
  • eBooks can be distributed to millions of readers on millions of devices almost instantaneously
  • eBooks can be published directly by the author through all of the major online book market places like Amazon, Apple, and Barnes and Noble
  • eBooks can be easily updated with new digital revisions rather than having to print new editions
  • eBooks weigh nothing to carry around (sans the weight of the eBook reader device)
  • eBooks offer authors up to 70% royalties for each unit sold as opposed to Print-on-Demand or traditional publication
  • eBooks can be read anywhere, anytime, day or night, even in total darkness.
  • eBooks can be easily broken down into samples or promotional editions for contests, conventions, or special sales events.
  • eBooks are sexy!


This is where TenthSphere Collections can help you.


Using the best eBook production software packages available such as Adobe InDesign CC, we make eBooks come to life!


When you go with TSC for your eBook conversion and production needs, you get:

  • a professionally formatted eBook digital edition of your manuscript
  • eBook files in both EPUB and MOBI formats for the vast majority of eBook reader devices out there in the wild
  • a unique 13-digit ISBN number for your eBook included in the price for our services
  • a competitive and innovative new pricing model for our services that charge based on the number of properly formatted manuscript pages (with 2 included graphics/images, up to 5 embedded media files, unlimited live hyperlinks, and more) not a flat rate per project (see below)
  • we also produce unique eBook projects for corporate and business marketing purposes as well that utilize fixed-width page eBook formats such as a digital travel brochure or an instructional manual with embedded how-to videos
  • free eBook conversion and production advice on eBook formatting, graphics, DRM/protecting your work, author-managed distribution channels, and more!
  • free blog post on Collections.TenthSphere.com and a social media blast on the major social networks about your eBook
  • free admission to any TenthSphere Collections writing contests
  • video book promotion onTSC YouTube channel
  • additional digital publishing options through our Small Press Publishing for authors who do not want to deal with the hassles of managing their eBook publications themselves


As an author myself, I know and understand that these eBooks are your babies and you want to do whatever it takes to make sure they have the best start in their digitally published life.


Here atTenthSphere Collections we are committed to ensuring that you are completely satisfied with your eBook final product.


Our other add-on eBook Services include:


How We Charge Differently


TSC has redefined the pricing model for eBook conversion and production services. A lot of vendors out there will charge you basically a flat rate for one manuscript regardless of size (up to a certain number of pages of course), with only one graphic image (usually the eBook cover image), and no ISBN (you’ll have to pay extra for that).


Here’s the problem with that. Say you have decided to break an eBook into two halves for promotional purposes. For example, the book is 100 pages give or take but you’ve decided to offer the first half for a substantially reduced rate or even free to get readers hooked. However, you’ll still have to pay the flat rate as if you were producing two eBooks instead of one! And then your next eBook will cost the same as one of those halves (from the previous book), even though the second book is double in size!


E.g. Book One: 2 halves, 50 pages each, plus extra for ISBN = $250 x 2 = $500!


Book Two: 100 pages, plus extra for ISBN = $250!


No deal there on the shorter 50 page eBooks (i.e. halves).


But with TenthSphere Collections here’s what you get:


Book One TSC Model: 2 halves 50 pages each, plus 2 graphics/images, plus ISBN = $3.oo per/page = $150 x 2 = $300!!!


Book Two TSC Model: 100 pages, plus 2 graphics/images, plus ISBN = $2.90 per/page = $290.


Do you see what just happened there? The price dropped $0.10 per page for 50 additional pages (a 50 page manuscript to a 100 page manuscript).


So if say you had a 150 page manuscript, the price per page would be $2.80, which would cost you $420 total. That works out to $130 per every 50 pages which is $20 less per 50 page eBook in the above Book One TSC Model example!


Theoretically, if you had a 1,000 page manuscript we would only be charging you $1.30 per page! That would be $1,300 for an eBook of that magnitude!


TenthSphere Collections wouldn’t go above 1,000 manuscript pages though (give or take a scant few), unless you’re George RR Martin!


Conversely, we also wouldn’t go above what we’d charge for 0 – 50 manuscript pages (i.e. $3.00 per/page), unless you required additional elements in your eBook—see below.


However, you can see the savings!


The bigger your book, the less it’ll cost you overall to convert and produce it!Back to Top



What’s Included + Additional Elements

The following table depicts what we charge for additional elements to you eBook; as well as, what is included (in the actual eBook) in the per/page cost. See above for services that are included that are not in the actual eBook but will help the author with their eBook.

Element Cost
2 Graphics/Images (e.g. an eBook cover + an author image) INCLUDED in per/page cost
13-digit ISBN (e.g. ISBN-13 978-0-123456-47-2) INCLUDED in per/page cost
5 embedded media files (e.g. Quicktime video, MP3 audio, etc.) INCLUDED in per/page cost
Unlimited Live Hyperlinks (e.g. Amazon.com) INCLUDED in per/page cost
Formatting Advice (e.g. font types, pagination, TOC, bolds & italics, etc.) INCLUDED in per/page cost
Additional graphics/images $5 per graphic/image
Additional embedded media files $5 per file
Copyediting/Proofing (i.e. checking for typos, misspellings, etc.) $100 per every 100 pages of manuscript
Full Manuscript Editing $65 per hour
Custom Graphics + Design (e.g. eBook cover) $150 per hour

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A Brief Word on Manuscript Formatting

Manuscript formatting, in terms of what TSC charges for converting a book to an eBook, is more of a set of guidelines than a strict set of rules.


Please refer to the following links to help guide you as you format your manuscript so as to make it easier for us to convert it to an eBook in the most efficient way possible.


Proper Manuscript Format for a Novel
by Dax MacGregor

Proper Manuscript Format: Short Story Format
by William Shunn

What Are the Guidelines for Formatting a Manuscript?
by Brian A. Klems

Manuscript Format for Novels
by Glen C. Strathy


Formatting & Submitting Your Manuscript, 2nd Edition
by Editors of Writer’s Digest Books

Formatting & Submitting Your Manuscript, 3rd Edition
by Chuck Sambuchino

Really, it doesn’t matter which of these or any other generally accepted method you use to format your manuscript, as long at it as close to industry standard (give or take a few variations) as possible. Regardless, we’re still going to charge by the page, and we’ll let you know if you’re trying to stuff in as many words as possible by cheating: e.g. single-spaced paragraphs, smaller than 12-point fonts, less than 1-inch margins, condensing the kerning between letters, or using non-standard manuscript fonts that are crunched closer together, etc. Don’t try to pull one over on us; there’s no need to, TenthSphere Collections offers the best most affordable pricing model for your eBook conversion needs.Back to Top