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Your Writer’s Platform Begins Here

TenthSphere Collections helps writers build their 'platform'.

TenthSphere Collections helps sci-fi/fantasy/supernatural authors build their digital platform from eBooks, small press publishing, to video book trailers.

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What is a Platform?
For Writers, eBooks Can Be a Golden Goose
TenthSphere Collections Can Help You Get Started

In your own words, your digital writer’s platform begins here: your way, your ideas, and your vision.


Who would tell E.E. Cummings that his writing is bad simply because he decided not to use any punctuation? Who would tell Stephen King that his hit book CARRIE was junk despite being rejected 30 times before his wife pulled the manuscript out of the trash to give it one more try at publication? Who would tell Helen Fielding that her journal-like novel BRIDGET JONES’ DIARY was so high school-ish to ever sell let alone be adapted to three major motion pictures?


Plus many, many more examples.




Publishers and literary agents who think they know the market and yet are constantly proven wrong when someone like James Redfield, author of THE CELESTINE PROPHECY, comes along.


If you think you have a work worth reading but are finding that the doors to the traditional publishing industry are constantly closed to you, and you’ve considered independently-publishing your book, letting the public decide if it’s good or not, then you’re going to need an eBook version in this day of mobile devices and wearable technologies.


TenthSphere Collections (TSC for short) is a full-service eBook conversion, design, digital marketing, and small press publishing house. We also produce limited print editions of books, novellas, and specialized marketing collateral for conventions, conferences, meetings, and events.

We cater primarily to Science Fiction, Fantasy, & Supernatual Authors but any writer from Romance to Mystery can take advantage of our services.


Our mission is to simply help sci-fi/fantasy/supernatural authors get their works out there in the market so they can start building their digital platform as a first step in their writing career. The hard reality of being a published author is that literary agents and traditional publishers won’t even consider a new writer for either representation or publication in the mainstream book market without first having a platform.


What is a Platform?


A long time ago I pitched one of my book ideas to a well-known and kind of a ruthless literary agent in New York City. She most certainly earned her reputation as a shark in the industry as I was told that I needed to read Christina Katz’s Get Known Before The Book Deal: Use Your Personal Strengths To Grow An Author Platform. I was self-published at the time, doing fairly well as a matter of fact; however, this agent told me that when I’ve “sold a gazillion books,” then I can come back and talk to her! That was a huge blow to my morale. And ironically, I paid for the privilege to have my “butt handed to me” by this industry professional! Then I was booted out of the pitch meeting with just a few unanswered questions in my head like, “Since you’re the agent, aren’t you supposed to help me build that platform?” and “If I’ve sold a ‘gazillion’ books then why do I need you to represent me?”


I guess the answer to the first question is: “No.”


And the answer to the second question is often times for writers going rogue is sometimes a way better deal than traditional.


In this digital day and age, the author is solely responsible for building their own platform. This includes social media (Tweeting, Facebooking, video book trailers on YouTube, etc.), personal appearances, live readings, tables at conventions, passing out postcards and flyers, and invariably publishing your own books—especially eBooks—even for traditionally-published authors!


As an author, I have done all of the above to build my platform (traditional & digital) with varying degrees of success. But it is the last part, publish your own books, to which I created TenthSphere Collections.


I’ve been to many writers’ conventions on both coasts and to many more comic cons (speaking with tons of writers). As a journalist, I like spending time with other authors. And the one thing that I’ve discovered is that they all produce and publish their own books. There was a time when traditional publishers and agents wouldn’t look at self-published authors, considering them talentless hacks. But if the example of Andy Weir (THE MARTIAN) has taught us anything, then this industry is changing rapidly in favor of the independently-published writer.


And that’s where TSC comes in. We have the hard-won experience of years dealing with the challenges of the publishing industry as well as the corporate world. And one thing is true of both: no one will look at you if you don’t have a product in hand to show them.Back to Top


For Writers, eBooks Can Be a Golden Goose


Here’s why:


Most self-published eBooks provide up to a 70% royalty to the author. There is almost no overhead when it comes to producing eBooks (save the conversion process from manuscript to eBook, more on that later). Compare that to producing a print-on-demand book (PoD). Depending on the service you use, you might be earning a paltry 17.5% royalty for every PoD book you produce and sell through a distributer like Ingram Micro, or a some table you set up at a convention and/or other venue. And finally compare that to a traditional publisher who will give you a scant 8% royalty for every book you sell—and you still have to do all of the live/digital marketing yourself!


Granted, there’s a lot of good to be said for print editions of books and for being traditionally published; however, when you as an author are just getting started (or if you’ve been in this game for a while and just don’t want to deal with any of the technical side of producing your eBooks), you might have trouble figuring out where to begin in this digital platform-building maze.


You begin by producing an eBook, throwing it up on Amazon’s Kindle eBooks Store, Apple’s iBookstore, or Barnes & Noble’s Nook Books, and see what happens.


It’s not much more complicated than that.Back to Top


TenthSphere Collections Can Help You Get Started


And once you get your eBook produced, then you might want to consider publishing through our Small Press Publishing Imprint. We love sci-fi/fantasy/supernatural stories and want to get more of them out there as widely as possible. Space Kids and Space Brain are our two flagship digital publications but we’re always looking to add more to our portfolio of published works. Plus, we run a limited number of printed editions from our authors for sale at conventions and comic cons.


Oh, and a final note, TSC can produce a great video book trailer for you. One that you can throw up on YouTube, Vimeo, Metacafe, etc; share out to your entire social network; and run at your convention tables. Video book trailers are an amazing way to help promote your newly minted eBook (and print edition). Words and moving pictures speak volumes when it comes to generating buzz about a new book. We here at TenthSphere Collections have all the resources and video production experience to put together a sizzling, affordable, and captivating video book trailer. Check out our Space Kids – Mission: 2099.001 – The Venusian Pet Rescue trailer to see what we can do for you!


The following pages details each service that TenthSphere Collections provides, then use the Stay In Touch! page to send us a query about your project and ask us how we can help you start building your digital author’s platform, publish your work, or produce an amazing video book trailer for you!


Be sure to visit our Features Homepage to see the latest publications produced and published by TenthSphere Collections along with related events announcements, writing contests, convention appearances, and more!


Also, visit the links on page footer below for more information about the business of writing, writer’s groups and discussion forums, and other writers’ resources.


Until then, as long as you keep writing, you’re an author, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!



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