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TenthSphere Collections Small Press Publishing publishes for new sci-fi, fantasy, and supernatural authors.

TenthSphere Collections Small Press Publishing is a great way for new Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Supernatural authors to publish and distribute their works digitally and with comic con-ready print editions.

We Publish the Right Way from the Get-Go!

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EBooks First and Foremost

Creating A Great Online Persona

What’s Our Cut?

Comic Cons are the Best!

List of Authors and Published Works

Publishing a book is a complicated mess mired in conflicting points of view and saturated with outdated modes of thinking, rife with subjective opinions that are more about who’s making them than whether they’re right or wrong!


It’s a long hard road to get a book published, believe me, I know.


I must have sent out a million query letters, paid out thousands upon thousands of dollars to editors and conference fees, been rejected more times that I can count, and made lots of mistakes trying to make a name for myself and to get my work traditionally published.


If I had it to do all over again, I would have done a lot of things differently, starting with my online persona/digital platform.


But unfortunately, like most people I didn’t heed advice from other writers and try to learn from their mistakes, I had to learn from making my own. I don’t want that for you.


Let TSC help you do it right from the get-go by publishing your book through our small press publishing imprint.


Here’s how we do it the TenthSphere Collections way!


EBooks First and Foremost

Your job is to write the best possible book you can. Which means a ton of revisions, peer reviews, expensive editorial services, more revisions, professional coverage, etc. It’ll drive you crazy but one day you will say to yourself, “It’s done. It’s finally done!”


And then you try to get it published.


Here’s how you go about doing that:

  • Look up a ton of publishers and literary agents from Writer’s Market, QueryTracker, Absolute Write’s Water Cooler forum, Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America, Writers Guild of America, IMDBPro, and more!
  • Learn everything you can about writing dazzling query letters, and you write tons of them!
  • Send out those query letters by any means necessary: US Postal Service mail, electronic mail, carrier pigeon, etc.
  • Wait and wait and wait for a response.
  • Then get crushed into a million pieces as virtually all of them are rejections. Some may come with advice but most will say, “We’re not looking to publish or represent material of this kind/at this time…” or “This is a subjective industry, and maybe another agent or publisher would be better suited for this work…” or simply “We do not accept unsolicited submissions [read my blog post on literary agents here]…”
  • And so you start the whole process over again, trying to figure out what went wrong.
  • Finally, you try attending conferences with pitch sessions thinking that that will get you closer into the publishing industry than a faceless query letter. Right? Wrong! Most of these are ineffective at best and all-out scams at worst [read my blog post on pitchfests, pitch-slams, and pitch-a-paloozas here].


So how can you actually circumvent  this cruel and demoralizing process?


Though, it is not possible to completely eliminate rejection and the awful feelings that come with it; growing a thick skin is always a benefit to a writer, I believe that you do not have to unnecessarily endure humiliation from so-called “card holders” or “gate keepers” who think they are above the aspiring writer who aren’t already successful enough to represent or publish their work. Paying your dues is an inescapable part of the writing business; however, establishing yourself for future opportunities in this highly competitive and oversaturated market is not as difficult or painful as you think. And I believe in this day and digital age it starts with an eBook version of your book then…

  • Get it digitally published either through TSC‘s small press publishing or by some other means (including doing it yourself, like I did).
  • Maximize social media and email marketing to reach as wide an audience as possible
  • Sell as many copies as possible.
  • Then go find an agent armed with hard sales figures, instead of flighty dreams of being an author, to sell them on your next project!


The days of James Redfield hitting the road with a carload of hardcopies of his book selling them door-to-door are over. You’ll never get past anyone’s front gate in this over-securitized paranoid society we live in today.


I too invested in hundreds of printed copies of my first book and did everything I could to sell it at conventions, classes, events, and more. Which all amounted to scant sales. I even shipped a boatload of printed books to a convention in California that I thought for sure I could sell a ton of them. Only, I sold three books there and then had to ship the entire stock back home to New England, and at such a huge cost that it just wasn’t worth bringing them to the conference or even attending it myself to begin with!


Everyone lives their lives digitally now. You have to reach your target audience digitally.


I mention taking these sales figures to sell a literary agent or a publisher on your next project because unless you’re Andy Weir and had sold a “gazillion” books like he did, your chances of getting your self-published book picked up are slim to none. However, with a boatload of sales figures, plus an arsenal of other materials, you can sell them on you as a writer and your next amazing project!


But there’s more, lots and lots more!Back to Top



Creating A Great Online Persona

I once published an eBook to be sold on the Apple iBookstore through a digital publisher in Nebraska. The thing about this publisher was that they didn’t mind at all taking a percentage of my royalties but offered me absolutely no support in terms of how to market my book.


To be fair, I don’t think that they really had the wherewithal to do that to begin with.


Not so with TenthSphere Collections!


If you publish through us, we’re going to help you build a great online persona and give you every advantage we can to help you market your eBook online.


And if your short story is published in our SpaceBrain Sci-Fi Anthology, then we’ll be doing a lot of marketing of that book right along side you!


Starting with a comprehensive document on how to determine, build, and setup your online persona properly from the beginning, and help you market your eBook (with limited print runs for conventions—see below).


Tips like:

  • Choosing your author identity: real name vs pseudonym.
  • What social media channels to connect with and how to use them daily for your book promotions.
  • Blogging.
  • Email marketing.
  • And more!


There is no need to make foolish mistakes at this stage of your career. Remember, the day may come when you will be seeking representation from a reputable literary agent. You need that digital platform already established to win them over. How can you build a digital platform if you don’t have any content (i.e. an actual eBook) or an online persona?


That’s one of the reasons why I started TenthSphere Collections: to help new Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Supernatural authors build that digital platform, and publish their works digitally as a 21st Century cutting-edge small press publisher.Back to Top



What’s Our Cut?

I won’t lie to you, we’re going to take a cut of your royalties, we need money to run this business for you, but here’s the difference between TSC and say my old Nebraska publisher.


They would take 14% off the top. So if I sold an eBook for $9.00 first Apple would get 30% (that’s $2.7 straight to them), leaving me with a $6.30 royalty. Then the digital publisher would get another 14% ($0.88), leaving me with $5.42 off a $9.00 book. Now granted a 60% royalty is better than 8.5% from a traditional publisher or even 17.5% from a Print-on-Demand publisher like But still 14% off the top for nothing more than keeping the book up on the iBookstore and doing nothing else for me is kind of a lousy deal.


So we’ll take 8% and give you a whole lot of support (see above)!


‘Nuff said!


However, one stipulation is that you have to have had the book that we’re publishing converted to an eBook by TenthSphere Collections. But since you’ve probably came to us to convert your book to an eBook in the first place, then publishing it through us is just an added benefit to you! There is no fee for publishing your eBook with TSC, just the above percentage off the top—and our eBook conversion rates are the best in the industry. Every quarter, we will send you a royalty check and a sales report to see how your book is selling (something my old Nebraskan digital publisher never bothered to do for me). And at the beginning of every year we will send you a 1099-MISC form for your tax purposes.


And finally, we will digitally publish your eBook on more than one platform! The aforementioned digital publisher of mine only kept to the Apple iBookstore, I had to manage Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing, Barnes & Noble NOOK Press, and’s Bookstore myself. If I’m going to give up 14% of my royalties, then I’d like to at least have the publisher manage my books on the major book retail outlets. Plus, like I said before, that mid-western publisher of mine never did any marketing support for the percentage they took.


Well, that won’t be the case if you publish with us at TenthSphere Collections. We’ll get you on the big three: Apple, Amazon, and B&N, and continually support your efforts to market and promote your book!


We’re not doing,, Google Play Books, Kobo eBooks, or any of the other online eBook retailers at this time. TSC is a small press publisher therefore we need to concentrate our resources efficiently and effectively.Back to Top



Comic Cons are the Best!

If you’re a genre writer, then you know all about Comic Cons. Like I said on my eBook Production Services page, “I love comic cons!”


There’s simply no better place to promote your Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Supernatural literary works. Well…maybe if you’re a fantasy writer at a Ren-Faire, then that might be an appropriate place to try to sell your fantasy fiction.


But overall, comic cons are a great place. I can’t tell you how many authors I’ve spoken to as a journalist for Motif Magazine at comic cons who love exhibiting at their tables, interacting with their readers, and meeting other genre writers.


Check out my super-lengthy 2015 article I wrote on Rhode Island Comic Con, where a good deal of my time was spent interviewing authors at their tables.


I myself have manned tables at comic cons and other writers conventions.


Sales are only a part of what your goals should be when it comes to exhibiting at a comic con or a convention. How you promote yourself as a writer is far more important.


A comic con is a place of amazing creativity, awesome cosplayers, mind-blowing experiences, and one-of-a-kind encounters that you simply cannot find at any other venue!


There are comic cons all over the country, in every state, happening all times throughout the year.


And of course there’s the Big One in San Diego! Getting an author’s or a small press table at San Diego Comic-Con is like a state of geekdom nerdvana that is unparalleled in one’s career as a writer.


TenthSphere Collections plans on doing just that in the coming years! But for now, we’re staying local with plans to attend both Rhode Island and Boston Comic Cons.


If you publish through us, you will get a limited number of printed edition copies of your book to sell and promote at comic cons. How many? Ask us. We will also promote your books (print and eBook) at our TSC table at whatever convention we’re attending!


We’ll sell your books for you and talk you up to potential readers!


Not many digital small press publishers will do that for its authors. We do!


We’ll also help you figure out logistics and strategies for whatever con you might want to attend.


We’re not going to pay for you to attend a con or set up a table at a comic con for you but we’re going to help you figure out the whys and wherefores to help make it happen.


Plus, we’ll provide a guide of super helpful tips on how to maximize your success at a con!


And if you really want to blow conventioneers’ minds at your table then you should have a video book trailer of your book running on a continuous loop. We can help you with that!Back to Top



List of Authors and Published Works

Space Kids – Mission: 2099.001 – The Venusian Pet Rescue by Nick Iandolo


SpaceBrain:001 – A Sci-Fi Anthology

Contributing Authors:

  • Nick Iandolo
  • Daniel Thron
  • Jade JewellBack to Top