SpaceBrain:001 – A Sci-Fi Anthology – Phase I

'Space Brain .001 - A Sci-Fi Anthology' Edited by Nick Iandolo

With an ensemble cast of thrilling new sci-fi writers, SpaceBrain:001 is an exciting anthology of mind-bending science fiction!

TenthSphere Collections is beginning its work inviting authors to contribute their sci-fi, fantasy, and supernatual short stories to the inaugural edition of TSC‘s sci-fi anthology series SpaceBrain:001.


For this edition, we are not accepting unsolicited material. The stories published in this work are by invitation only—except for one.


In the coming months,TSC will hold a writing contest for one slot in the SpaceBrain:001 sci-fi anthology. Rules for this contest will be forthcoming, so be sure to check back here for updates.


The purpose of this anthology is provide a new digital voice for sci-fi/fantasy/supernatural authors. One that can cross digital platforms and the entire eco-system of mobile e-reading devices. As Senior Editor I am partial to sci-fi stories but I also want to include the other two genres as I write in those as well.


Whether you’re telling a story about being marooned in outer space running out of air, or an eco-fiction about restoring life to a dessicated Earth, or a crazy midnight battle between demons and surfers from the future, SpaceBrain is the place to tell it!


My goal is also to have limited printed edition copies of this anthology available to the contributing authors so they can sell them at conventions—particularly comic cons.


From my own experience, there’s nothing like a printed book that helps the author interact with their readers at a comic con table. Holding the book up and talking about it to a fan of the genre is such a great experience. EBooks are great and make up a good deal of TSC‘s operations but I just love comic cons—especially the big one in San Diego!


You can’t really show off your eBook at your table to all of those awesome cosplayers walking by, you know?


Therefore, when the first volume of SpaceBrain is published digitally, our contributing authors will have a limited amount of printed editions available to them to showcase at the comic con or convention of their choice!


Phase I of this project is consisting of the following:

  1. Raise money for the project through Kickstarter (link forthcoming)
  2. Invite Indie/amateur authors to contribute genre short stories
  3. Setup and run the SpaceBrain writing contest


Phase II will involve the actual production of the eBook and a proof printed edition.


Phase III will include digitally publishing the eBook edition of SpaceBrain:001 on TenthSphere Collections’ digital eBook distribution platforms. Press releases, social media blasts, and email marketing the anthology will also take place during this phase.


Phase IV will include printing limited copies of the maiden anthology for all the contributing authors.


Phase V will include setting up the next volume SpaceBrain:002.


Stay tuned for more!