Space Kids – Mission: 2099.001 – The Venusian Pet Rescue

'Space Kids - Mission 2099.01 - The Venusian Pet Rescue' By Nick Iandolo

In their very first mission, the Space Kids are called upon to rescue pets from a remote outpost on Venus!

In the year 2099, located in the city of Boston, Massachusetts, USA, on the planet Earth, is the finest interstellar exploratory organization the galaxy has ever known: Space Command Headquarters.


What was once the famed Boston Museum of Science has now been absorbed into a towering building dedicated to the exploration and discovery of deep space from from Humanity’s home star of Sol—with round-the-clock traffic of starships coming and going to all points throughout the Milky Way Galaxy.


Held within the walls of the old museum itself is the off-shoot headquarters for Space Kids. Training the next generation of interstellar explorers, Space Kids, are frequently called upon to take on the missions that are well-suited for their particular set of talents.

And oh what missions they go on!


Space Kids – Mission: 2099.001 – The Venusian Pet Rescue is a thrilling interplanetary adventure as Space Kids – Team One (SKT1) endeavors to rescue suddenly abandoned pets from a remote outpost on the harsh surface environment of Venus.


With 900+ degree surface temperatures, intense solar radiation, and a poisonous atmosphere, SKT1 must overcome a series of technical, mathematical, engineering, and biological challenges to see that the Venusian pets are safely brought back to Earth. Even more challenging is trying to solve the mystery of what happened to the human and alien occupants of the outpost—a mystery that will take SKT1 many more thrilling adventures to ultimately solve!


In charge is Commander Lila Sussman, a human from Boston Mass. She leads a crack team of human, alien, sentient animal, and android-animal hybrid Space Kids whose unique talents all blend together into a dynamic unit capable of taking on any mission Space Command sends them on!


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